Ext.NET 3.3 Now Available

The official Ext.NET 3.3 release with integration of Ext JS 5.1.2 is now available for download or installation using NuGet. Ext.NET WebForms Ext.NET MVC Using the NuGet Command Line tool within Visual Studio you can also include the -Version 3.3.0 switch to specify a release version. The primary focus of this release was on bug […]

Ext.NET 4 Purchase Options

Over a year ago we stopped selling Single Developer licenses for Ext.NET. You can read more here if you’re interested in the back story. After that change we relaunched with one licensing option only, and renamed the product to Ext.NET Enterprise. Ext.NET Enterprise permits a team of up to five developers within an organization to […]

Ext.NET 4 Preview Now Available

We’re super excited to announce the immediate availability of Ext.NET 4 Preview! This release includes many new features and improvements and of course one of the biggest changes includes the upgrade to Sencha Ext JS 6. Installation options for Ext.NET 4 are available from ext.net/download, or install using NuGet: Ext.NET WebForms Ext.NET MVC The -pre […]

Ext.NET 3.2 Now Available

The official Ext.NET 3.2 release, integrating Ext JS 5.1.1 is now available. Although there are no ground breaking changes, some notable improvements and several bug fixes will undoubtedly enhance your Ext.NET applications and improve your development experience. Deploy the new release into your application to greatly improve its overall quality and performance. Driven by our […]

Ext.NET 3.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.1.0. The Ext.NET team can pride itself both on having created an awesome product and constantly working on making it even more awesome! As you probably already know Ext.NET includes components that are not found in Ext JS, and extends various Ext JS classes wherever needed, […]