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Ext.NET 7.0 Preview3 for ASP.NET Core

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The third preview release of Ext.NET for ASP.NET Core is now available. See also the preview1 and preview2 announcements for additional details on the earlier preview releases. Key new features in for the preview3 release include: New dotnet Templates New VSIX Visual Studio Extension Road map Localization New dotnet Templates Within a Command-Line or Mac...

Ext.NET 7.0 Preview2 for ASP.NET Core

Development of Ext.NET 7.0 for ASP.NET Core has been progressing rapidly and the 7.0.0-preview2 release is now available. See the preview1 announcement for additional details on Ext.NET 7.0 for ASP.NET Core. Key new features in preview2 include: Ten Themes now supported as separate NuGet packages New Ext.NET [Direct] for seamless client-to-server communication Built-in CSRF threat...

Ext.NET 7.0 Preview for ASP.NET Core

After 12 years, it was time. We went back to the drawing board and completely re-engineered an entirely new engine and runtime to support ASP.NET Core. Update: Check out the Preview2 announcement. Performance and automation were key goals and the team leveraged a huge amount of experience gained from building Bridge.NET and Retyped to create...

Ext.NET 5.0 final released

We are super thrilled to announce the official release of Ext.NET 5.0, which also includes the integration of Sencha Ext JS 7.0. The highlights of Ext.NET 5.0 are reviewed below, but also check out our 5.0-preview announcement for additional details. This is our first major version release since Ext.NET 4.0 was announced in April 2016….