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We are happy to announce the launch of the new Ext.NET website and download of the new Ext.NET Version 1.0 release candidate.

NEW Components

Sencha LogoWith the v1.0 release, we’ve integrated the latest Sencha Ext JS release, added 40 new controls, and have now broken the 100+ control mark (plus dozens of plugins). Never before have ASP.NET developers had access to such a powerful and cohesive suite of web controls for building rich ajax enabled web applications.

Some notable new Components include:

  1. Calendar: Wicked awesome new Calendar with Day, Week and Month views.
  2. ButtonGroup: Create Button groupings and layouts similar to Microsoft Office toolbars.
  3. ListView: A fast and light-weight implementation of a Grid.
  4. MultiCombo: ComboBox with multi selection ability.
  5. HBox and VBox Layouts for flexible control of horizontal and vertical item layouts.

NEW Community Forums

Ext.NET ForumsLooking for some technical support? Want to connect with other Ext.NET developers? Post some cool code? Please be sure to check out the recently updated Community Forums.

With an active community of developers, a dedicated professional support team, and 40,000+ posts, this valuable resource of information is always available to help answer questions.

NEW Examples Explorer

The Version 1.0 Examples Explorer has been updated with over 100 new samples and now contains over 300 live working demos. We obviously have a lot to talk about here in future blog posts, but a few new notable samples include:

Ext.NET Examples Explorer
Ext.NET Examples Explorer
  1. Component Overview
    Complete list of Ext.NET Components packed onto one page with theme switching.
  2. Dynamic Component creation with XRender
    All Ext.NET and/or ASP.NET controls can now be added dynamically during ajax requests.
  3. ASP.NET MVC Demo
  4. Simple Tasks Demo
  5. GridPanel with RowEditor Plugin

NEW Pricing

We’ve gone back through the Ext.NET Pro license pricing and sharpened our pencils. Along with the new release we’re introducing new pricing and a simplified structure for Ext.NET Pro Licenses and Premium Support Subscriptions.

Options are now bundled in simplified single (1), five (5) or twenty (20) license packs.

On Sale Now

For a limited time (ending December 10, 2010), all Ext.NET Pro + Support Bundles are on SALE. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Pro License, now is your chance to jump in and support Ext.NET with even better pricing.

Premium Support For All

Premium Support Subscriptions are now available for both closed-source Pro License and open-source Community License members. In the past we’ve only been able to offer Premium Support Subscriptions to Pro License holders, but now Premium Support is opened up to both Pro and open-source Community developers. Included with a Premium Support Subscription is priorty technical support, direct access to the real-time project source code, and early access to future releases.

Premium Support Subscriptions can be purchased in the Ext.NET Store.

Free Upgrades For Pro + Premium Support Bundle Purchase

Starting today, when an Ext.NET Pro License and Premium Support subscription is purchased together, a free upgrade to the next major release is included. This is in addition to the already included free minor version upgrades. For example, upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.x are all free, and now upgrading to a future 2.0 release would be included during your twelve month subscription.


We would love to hear from you and feedback is always appreciated. Please feel free to join in the conversations happening within the forums and let us know what you think.

Follow our new Twitter handle @extnet or tag us using #extnet.

Finally, here’s a big high-five to the Ext.NET developer community and all those who sent their feedback, support and encouragement. Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Nice new website, we purchased already some days ago the Pro, but the order is still on the line. But no problem thanks to the offical release we can already enjoy the source now.

    I’m happy to be a part of the growing community and are able to use Ext.Net at my workplace.
    I just started my blog with everything related on my work with Ext.Net (


  2. Hey guys I’ve been using your tools for my company product for about 6 months and I’m extremely happy with it. The new website and features to the tool set are amazing, thanks for your work and keep it up.

    Miami web design

  3. Amila thennakoon

    Dear All i’m Very Much Thank all of you for you efforts, but i have a issue how can i show parent and child relations in a data grid i mean parent row and child rows (my requirement is when im click on a parent row i wanna see child raw of it) how can i do it ?

  4. Hey people I’ve been using your resources for my organization item for about 6 several weeks and I’m incredibly satisfied with it. The new web page and functions to the device set are awesome, thanks for your perform and keep it up.

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