Ext.NET 3.2 Now Available

The official Ext.NET 3.2 release, integrating Ext JS 5.1.1 is now available.

Although there are no ground breaking changes, some notable improvements and several bug fixes will undoubtedly enhance your Ext.NET applications and improve your development experience.

Deploy the new release into your application to greatly improve its overall quality and performance.

Driven by our commitment to be the best component frameworks available in the .NET community, we’ve packed the 3.2 release with more than 400 bug fixes, primarily around the Grid (110+), Charts (30+) and Form (50+) components, browser support and the core functionality. The fixes have been applied to both the underlying Ext JS framework, our enhanced JavaScript layer and custom components provided by Ext.NET itself.

All quick fixes applied to work around various component issues since the last release have now been removed

Once again, our primary source of documentation, the Examples Explorer, has been thoroughly reviewed and is now completely up-to-date with a great number of fixes and improvements applied.

The Ext.NET Forums is the place of origin for most of the open issues. We are grateful to our customers and community for the continuous feedback, feature requests, and bug reports.

New ARIA Theme

The ARIA theme is a high-contrast theme that makes applications easier for visually impaired users to view. To incorporate it into your application, set the Theme property.

<ext:ResourceManager runat="server" Theme="Aria" /> 

ARIA Theme
To provide accessibility functionality, ARIA combines both CSS and JavaScript files. Enabling the theme in your application automatically includes the special ARIA JavaScript package, too.

The ARIA theme helps you create highly accessible applications, that meet the Section 508 and ARIA compliance requirements and support screen readers (like JAWS).

Visual Studio 2015 Support

A new solution file for Visual Studio 2015 (Ext.Net.vs2015.sln) has been included and tested with VS 2015 RC.

How To Get It

Please feel free to download directly from the Ext.NET download page, or using NuGet.

PM> Install-Package Ext.NET

A separate ASP.NET MVC specific NuGet package of Ext.NET is available. Search for Ext.NET.MVC in the NuGet Package Manager, use the following console command to install, or download directly from Ext.NET.

PM> Install-Package Ext.NET.MVC

The Ext.NET 3.2 release is packed with performance improvements and bug fixes so we encourage you to upgrade your application and browse the Examples Explorer (MVC Examples Explorer).

A full list of new features, revisions and fixes for this release are available in the CHANGELOG.

Details regarding the Ext JS 5.1.1 release are also available in the Sencha Release Notes. The client API documentation can be found in the Ext JS Docs.

Purchase Ext.NET

You can purchase Ext.NET licenses and Premium Support Subscriptions directly from the online store. Your support and commitment are greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to post any technical support questions in the Forums, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Follow Ext.NET on Twitter using @extnet or tag us using #extnet.