Ext.NET 4.2 Now Available

The Ext.NET 4.2 release is now available from the download page and NuGet.

Ext.NET WebForms

Install-Package Ext.NET


Install-Package Ext.NET.MVC

Ext JS Upgrade

This release of Ext.NET incorporates another big update of the underlying Ext JS framework. Upgrading to Ext JS 6.2.1 incorporates more than 750 fixes from Ext JS, including aggregate fixes from 6.2.0. Additionally, Ext.NET itself incorporates 27 new framework fixes.

New MVC Partial View RenderMode.Config

MVC Partial View RenderMode.Config provides a powerful means for partial content to be provided as an Ext config object and handled on the client-side, bringing more possibilities of single-page or dynamic applications using Ext.NET MVC.

New MVC Razor Text Blocks

The new MVC Razor @<text> block support on JavaScript handlers now provides syntax highlighting within Visual Studio while writing code.

    .Text(“Click Me”)
        <script type=”text/javascript”>
            var me = this; /* bind ‘me’ to the button. */

            Ext.Msg.alert(“Alert!”, “An alert has been emitted by JavaScript!”);

            /* Block comments are fine. Just inline (//) comments will break the code */
            if (!me.textChanged) {
                me.textChanged = true; /* so that I run only once */
                me.setText(“Click Again”);

             * As long as block comments, they can span several lines.
             * This won’t break.

New Toast Component

The Toast component has been added and is a nice alternative to the Notification component that has been included within Ext.NET since the early days.

The Toast component may be used in JavaScript, markup, C# and with Razor.

See the Toast documentation for all features.

X.Toast(“Hello, world!”);

X.Toast(“A Message”, “A Title”);

var config = new Toast()
    Html = “Hello, world!”,
    Title = “My Title”,


Important Fixes

A full list of Ext.NET 4.2 revisions are available for review at GitHub. Highlights include:

  1. [#89] Grid column flex doesn’t work if that column consists inner columns
  2. [#1281] [#1347] Several RTL (Right-To-Left) issues fixed
  3. [#1330] GridPanel with Grouping, CommandColumn with GroupCommands, CellEditing causes a JavaScript error after editing
  4. [#1331] Native mobile device’s Pinch Zoom does not work
  5. [#1378] TagField was constantly polling its input element and creating performance issues

Your Feedback

As always, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at hello@ext.net if you have any questions or comments, or join the conversations happening within the Ext.NET Community forums.

Technical support questions are best asked in the forums. The public discussion may help others in the future, and allow the community to participate.

Follow @extnet on Twitter to stay up-to-date.


  1. Good evening. Help me, please, I have problems with new version. My solution doesn’t see next using after load new version 4.2, “Ext.Net.MVC”. It’s using was in elder versions(

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