Ext.NET 4.6 Now Available

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Ext.NET 4.6 has been released and is now available for download!

You can install Ext.NET using NuGet by running one of the following commands depending on whether your project is a WebForm or MVC project.

Ext.NET WebForms

Install-Package Ext.NET


Install-Package Ext.NET.MVC

Ext JS 6.5.3

Ext.NET 4.6 includes the latest Ext JS release, 6.5.3. This version addresses over 70 issues since Ext JS 6.5.2.

Ext.NET Updates

Check the complete list of the bugs fixed in Ext.NET 4.6.0 at our github issues tracking page. The more relevant ones will be mentioned throughout this post.

New ValidateOnFocusLeave For Fields

To fulfill some scenarios where the ValidateOnBlur config option couldn’t, ValidateOnFocusLeave was introduced. In particular, it is required for the DateField component which has a picker with dates to be chosen therein.


TagField Overhaul

We also fixed several issues found in the TagField component which are listed below:

  1. [#1581] Setting up a TagField with both TypeAhead and HideSelected settings incurred into a JavaScript error when expanding the dropdown.
  2. [#1582] When pasting several tags and tags were to be split by a separator character, only the first tag were making it to the list of tags.
  3. [#1589] The TagField behaved strangely when more than one tags had the same value and the tag were added from the dropdown picker.
  4. [#1590] TagField’s picker were not aligning to the field when it shrunk due to a removed tag.
  5. [#1591] Typing custom tags and hitting <enter> sometimes expanded the tag list picker instead of adding the tag, if typing the tag name quick enough.

Other Notable Revisions

As mentioned above, the full list of Ext.NET 4.6 changes is available for review on GitHub, with some highlights including:

  1. [#1567] Ext.form.field.Checkbox.show() does not properly show back the checkbox.
  2. [#1573] AbstractContainer.RemoveAll() server-side call adds ‘null’ argument to the client-side call.
  3. [#1585] Grid Grouping + CellEditing + CellSelection error if group is collapsed.
  4. [#1588] Fields with InputMask trigger javascript error on input.

Your Feedback

Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at hello@ext.net if you have any questions or comments, or join the conversations happening within the Ext.NET Community forums.

Technical support questions are best asked in the forums. The public discussion may help others in the future, and allows the community to participate.

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