Ext.NET 7.2 now powered by .NET 5.0

December 2020 is here and another big release of Ext.NET Classic is now available for download. Every corner of v7.2 has seen some work as the team continues to iterate quickly through new features, enhancements, and fixes.

For those new to Ext.NET...

Ext.NET is a wicked fast suite of 140+ ASP.NET UI components for building data-intensive cross-platform web applications. We've got a component for that!

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Key items within this announcement include:

.NET 5.0 support

Ext.NET Classic now seamlessly supports both .NET 5.0 and .NET Core 3.1 project types for ASP.NET.

We've put a major focus on performance when building Ext.NET Classic, and we were expecting a nice performance boost with .NET 5. Oh boy, we were not left disappointed. Across the board, we're seeing at least 30% better performance with our benchmarks.

Some tests, such as Latency (ms) are resulting in 67% better performance. Just to clarify, that is only moving a project from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 5.0 on a Windows server. Similar results on Linux servers. Crazy good performance.

We'll go more in-depth in a future blog post, but until then, here a small snapshot of the results for Latency, Requests/second, and Throughput. The two series run the exact same test on the same container specs, except one is running .NET Core 3.1 and the other .NET 5.0.

On the horizontal axis, we increment the number of GridPanel components that are rendered with the request. First starting with 4 GridPanels, then incrementing with each step until we're serving 20 GridPanels on one request.

Each GridPanel is an instance of our Simple Array Grid sample and each instance also loads its own separate copy of the data. Each data instance contains 30 records with 5 data fields for each record. For the 20 GridPanel benchmark, 3000 individual data points are serialized in the request.

Overall, our recommendation for the best performance server specs when hosting an Ext.NET Classic application would be running .NET 5.0 on Windows.

Sparkly fresh Spotless theme

Spotless theme has received another fresh coat of wax and brought up to a sparkly mirror finish.

The Spotless theme is bundled for FREE with all Ext.NET Pro licenses and fully supported by the same professional team building Ext.NET.

The newest Spotless release is packed full of enhancements, fixes, and many incremental refinements.


  1. Larger menu arrow icon on Button for better UX
  2. IE11 support has been added
  3. Reduced Field component height to equal default button height
  4. Field border color is now a little darker to provide better contrast
  5. UI config renamed to Variant
  6. New Frame and Fill properties on Window
  7. 20% reduction in spotless-theme.css file size, Yay!
  8. The .js file size reduced significantly with refinements to the build configuration
  9. Input fields inside a GridPanel editable row now have square borders
  10. GridPanel colors for hover and selected rows have been updated
  11. New Rounded="true|false" property on all Fields; default is true


  1. Material icons defined with a unicode value were not falling back to FontAwesome
  2. Panel frame border color was not being properly set to the variant color
  3. GridPanel icons were not rendering correctly in the paging component
  4. Various icon issues throughout the theme have been updated, including HtmlEditor
  5. Fixed the blank Fieldset title issue introduced with Chrome 87
  6. FileField border-color did not match Field border-color
  7. Minor FieldLabel alignment issue was fixed

Do you have any suggestions for new Spotless features or refinements? Be sure to let us know at hello@ext.net or posting to the Premium Themes forum.

Examples Explorer on GitHub

The entire source for the Examples Explorer is now published to GitHub and ready for you to run locally.

Clone the repo, launch the .sln, and you'll have the Examples Explorer running locally within seconds.

API docs coming soon

The team is laser-focused on building our new API docs app. It's still a bit early to say exactly when we'll have the new API docs online, but the project is well on its way.

Keep an eye on docs.ext.net for updates.


Feel free to contact us anytime on the Ext.NET Forums, Twitter, or email us at support@ext.net.

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Posting questions in the public forum ensures other community members can participate and benefit from the public discussion in the future.