Ext.NET v1 Available Today

The Ext.NET team is pleased to announce the official release of Ext.NET v1 (currently at v1.2.0).

Installation packages available for download or NuGet.

Ext.NET is a dramatic step forward for rich dynamic web application system development in ASP.NET.

Install with NuGet

NuGetWe’re now releasing Ext.NET Pro as a NuGet Package enabling quick installation into your ASP.NET web application within seconds.

PM>Install-Package Ext.NET

Simply search for “Ext.NET” with the NuGet package manager and NuGet automatically handles installation of the most recent Ext.NET Assemblies (.dll) and merging of correct Web.config settings.

Given the overwhelming ease and convenience of using NuGet, we’re contemplating moving installation/download of Ext.NET Pro exclusively to NuGet. Your feedback is appreciated.

Updated Examples Explorer

The Examples Explorer has been updated with several new samples and refinements including a “Recent SVN Commits” browser. The public SVN Commits browser allows for quick previewing of all recent source code changes and their associated commit comments.

Ext.NET Examples Explorer
Ext.NET Examples Explorer

Continuous Development

Sencha LogoContinual development of Ext.NET ensures new features are being introduced into the framework weekly. The next major release of Ext.NET (v2) is well underway and will include integration of Sencha ExtJS 4.

Full support for ASP.NET MVC (all View Engines, including Razor) will be built directly into the Ext.NET Assembly.

A private “Developer Preview” of Ext.NET v2 will be available soon to all Ext.NET Pro license holders with a valid Premium Support Subscription. Release of a public (Ext.NET Community License) preview will happen shortly thereafter.


  1. 的确有不小的进步啊,支持1.2版本。不过,MVC仍然不完美。期待2.0

    1. 有人愿意做Ext.Net的兼职嘛? 最好是上海地区,bowl_van@hotmail.com

  2. when  developer preview   for  pro license?  a few weeks or a few days?
    I have  Premium Support Subscription but i don’t have  Ext.NET Pro license , include me?

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