Introducing 🎉 Ext.NET by Sencha 🎉

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New Reeboks, fresh tube socks, and our purple bodysuits can mean only one thing...

It's go time!

The Ext.NET team is busting with excitement to finally announce Sencha Ext.NET!

Check out the new Sencha Ext.NET product page and official announcement.

What's going to change?

The great news is things are pretty much staying the same. It's business as normal. Pricing and licensing remain the same, see Sencha Ext.NET Pricing.

The Ext.NET team remains dedicated to Ext.NET and will continue to focus on building Ext.NET into the most kick-ass ASP.NET component framework to ever roam this land.

We are moving full steam ahead with plans and cannot wait for y'all to see the new features and projects launching over the next six months.

Feel free to contact us anytime on the Ext.NET Forums, Twitter, or email us at